Who We Are.

 Collin Drum Co. Mission.

Our mission Is to do two things, Make High Quality Custom Stave Style Drums. And  to make Drums that YOU as a Drummer Have been dreaming of your whole life. We pride ourselves in taking the time,effort,and patience to make Top Quality Gear. 

We only use Top Of The Line hardwood, Hardware and Careful Precision on every drum. Non Negotiable! You want Custom, You Want Quality,Collin Drum Co. Solid Wood. Solid Drums. Solid Sound! 

Why Stave drums???

There are many advantages to building solid stave drum shells. The first is the amount of glue used. To bond each ply together, every square inch has to be covered with glue. For a 6 ply 6"x14" shell, there are over 1,500 sq. inches of glue used. In a stave shell with the same measurements, there are only 48 sq. inches. It is not a secret that glue takes away tone and resonance, this is why high end guitars never use plywood and use only the minimal amount of glue. Another point is that you will never find a Xylophone made of plywood, only solid woods are used to maximize sound quality. 
What about the solid one piece shell?? Well yes, there is only one glue seam on these steam bent shells, but to keep them round they often glue in reinforcement rings. The shell will always want to return to its natural state, which is straight, not round. Also, when the wood is put under a few tons of pressure, it actually stretches the fibers on the outside of the drum, and crushes the fibers on the inside. Stave shells are built out of straight pieces and are never put under any pressure. You are getting the natural tone from the wood, not a tone distorted from plies and glue, or the pressure of steam bending, just a clean unaltered tone.

 Tired of your old Bent Rims? Your Bland Cheap Hardware? Your Worn Out Gloss Finish? Your Beaten up sparkle Wrap? Feel Like Spoiling Yourself On A Better Kit But Don't Have Then Money? You Don't Have To! Collin Drum Co. Now Offers Drum Remodels! Well Change Out Your Old Rims, Put In Some Shiny New Hardware, New Gloss Finishes!We'll Take Off That worn Our Wrap And Give You A New Finish! From The Smallest Of Repairs To Complete Customization We Do It ALL!!! Customize Your Blah Drum set Into YOUR CUSTOM KIT!  . Message TODAY for More Info or Call 207-316-9733!