Quotes I would like to thank Curt Collin for welcoming me to the Collin Drum Co. Family. It is a real honor to be endorsed by such a genius company when it comes to building drums. The quality of these drums are out of this world, you will never find another drum like Collin. I have no intentions of ever going back to anything else. Collin delivers quality above and beyond satisfaction, so why settle for anything less? So thanx again to curt Collin and the Collin Drum Company for this great opportunity:) http://www.facebook.com/deadseason Quotes
Andy Hackett
Dead Season Drummer

Quotes Hi, My name is Biz Gagnon, I'm 56 years old and I have been playing drums ever since I was 10. I've played in many bands in my life time, the most with the Dynamics 19 years. I'm currently playing in four piece band and I'm really enjoying it. We played this past June 29th for Rock the Valley and I had the opportunity and privilege to play on a Collin Drum Co. kit. The response, kick, resonance and sound were amazing. These drums are dynomite! A little goes a long way, by that I mean I was kicking a 20' bass and I'm used to kicking a 24'! These drums don't come cheap,but the work and craftmanship are unbeatable. I would recommend the Collin drums to any drummer. Good beats to all, Biz Quotes
Biz Gagnon
Older drummer

Quotes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v7UTChlbuI Quotes
Justin Michaud
Watch This Testimonial

Quotes Collin Drums are some of the most beautiful drums i have seen and are hand crafted by one of our own right here in the valley. not only do they look great, they also sound great. no matter what style of music you play, they can make a set that fits your needs. they are solid drums that can be build by any wood you can think of, so no matter what, you will get the kit you have always wanted. Quotes
Alex Sirois
Drummer of Free Rein

Quotes I'm currently playing a Collin Drum Co drum kit, and I would not skip this opportunity to have such a quality musical instrument. I've owned several other drum kits, including a Ludwig, DDrum, and a Pearl Custom Masters. All of which have received hundreds, if not thousands of hours of play. The booming, yet punchy sound from my Colin Drum Co drum kit, along with amazing quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail easily places this on top of the list of the best drum kits I've played. Each Drum kit is built carefully and to perfection, and is 100% customizable. The end result is a completely unique musical instrument that is built exactly to your preferences. Curt makes sure to stay in touch with you throughout the building process, which separates this company from all the major non-personalized manufacturers. I would recommend Colin Drums to any drummer, weather they be beginner or professional. Quotes
Justin Michaud
Collin Drum Customer

Quotes Today I was truly sold on the collins drums..I have played on many top makes of drums and I honestly believe that these drums could stand along side if not surpass many top makes in the drumming world. Job very well done.. I will b make an order shortly- Kevin Cyr Drummer For 13 Years Quotes
Kevin Cyr

Quotes Having played a set of Colin Drum Co. drums, I can say that they are not only great looking, but great sounding as well. The resonance and tone characteristics are absolutely on par, if not superior to most "big name" brands. I highly recommend these drums to anyone and everyone. - Derek Quotes
Derek Young
Recreational Drummer